2012 Camellia List

Anticipation rose pink 3m
Apple Blossom white blushed pink 1.5m
Baby Bear pale pink Sm
Black Tie Dark red 2.5m
Brushfields yellow  
Congratulations orchid pink 2.5m
Cinnamon Cindy white, fragrant 2-3m
Dark Of Moon black/red Lrg
Early Pearly white 3m
Fairy Blush bright pink, fragrant 2m
High Fragrance pale ivory yellow, fragrant 2.5m
Margaret Davis white, rose margins 2m
Nicky Crisp lavender pink Lrg
Night Rider deep red 1.5-2m
Nuccio gem white Lrg
Nuccio Pearl white Lrg
Quintessence white, fragrant 50cm
Ruby Wedding currant red 1.8m
Setsugekka white 3m
Scentuous white 3m
Spring Festival light pink Med
Sweet Emily Kate soft pink 2-3m
Sweet Jane white/pink 2-3m
Transnokoensis white 4-5m
Transtasman lavender pink Lrg
Wirlinga Bride white 2m
Yuletide orange red 1.8m

Please note colours and sizes are a guide only