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Plant Food / Fertilisers

Tui ‘Supersheep’ pelletised fertilizer is great for roses – they love sheep manure & it has the added bonus of Nitrophoska Blue. ‘Sequestron’ yellow-leaf tonic is particularly good for acid-loving plants. Controlled-release ‘Osmocote’ is highly recommended for pots, and Scotts Lawn Builder for that bowling-green lawn.

Hint – remember that plants and fertilizer are like people and food – a little and often suits best.   Fertilizers high in potash (the symbol K on the bag) are for flowering and fruiting plants such as roses, fruit bushes.  Fertilisers high in nitrogen (symbol N) are good for leaf growth e.g. veges and lawns.   Modern fertilizers are specifically formulated to meet the requirements of the different plant groups so ask for advice if you’re not sure what to get.

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